Thursday, May 02, 2013

PhotoFlex MX-35 Camera

"PhotoFlex MX-35"

Thanks to my friend Gilbert and his mother Leslie,  I have this new camera called the PhotoFlex MX-35. Its a variation model of the plastic Time (magazine) camera. They were built to look like 35mm SLR cameras but do not operate as such. The camera has a 50mm plastic lens that is fixed focus. You can adjust the aperture to F6,8,11, and 16 if the lens markings are correct. The camera does have a hot shoe so you can use a flash unit if you like. For this test I loaded up some expired supermarket branded film. Very easy camera to operate and I like my first results.

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D. Matthew Dair said...

Have to love a cheap Plastic Lens! A lot like my consignment shop fine the Bell+Howell BF35