Friday, March 08, 2013

Photo Books That Inspire

 "Camera Obscura" by Abelardo Morell
Abe make some great photos by converting rooms into camera obscuras. He blocks out all the light with plastic over the windows and leaves a small pinhole opening in one of them. The resulting outside landscape is then projected onto the room walls and furnishings.  Abe uses a large format camera setup inside the room to capture the images in the book. Some exposures lasting up to 8 hours!

"Photographs" by  Rocky Schenck
Rocky's images in this book are dream like. He manipulates both the film negative and the prints surface. He says the images are "illustrations of my conscious (and perhaps subcoscious) dreams, emotions, and longings.....

"Explorations Along An Imaginary Coastline" by Martha Casanave
Gorgeous photos that capture some nice wide angle, distorting views from her 4x5 pinhole camera. The long exposures and sometimes solitary figures create some stunning imagery.

"Within Shadows" by Susan Burnstine
One of my favorite photo books of all time. Susan has been a photo friend of mine for quite a few years now going back to the first issue of Light Leaks magazine. The book is gorgeous and remarkable. The quote inside from Carl Jung sums it up nicely- :Who looks outside, dreams: who looks inside, awakes." This is a must have for your collections.

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