Friday, September 14, 2012

Juice Camera

Juice Camera

Manufacturer: Fuuvi
Date: 2011
Format: 35mm film
Price: $25.00
Summary: Plastic 35mm spy type camera

Technical Details:
 Aperture F9.5
 Shutter 1/100
 Lens 28 mm
 Wide angle
 Slight vignette
 Slight edge blur

Field Notes:
  Using this camera is as easy as stealing a juice box from your nephew. You can go 007 with this baby since it looks like a typical child’s juice box. It’s also as basic as you get with a toy/plastic camera. It has a simple viewfinder, thumbwheel film advance, and a secret straw type shutter button. For this test, I popped open the back door and loaded some color 35mm 400 iso film. After advancing the film with the thumbwheel, you just take a peek thru the viewfinder and push down on the straw shutter button. There is also film counter window to keep track of what frame you are on. When you trip the shutter a small lens cover slides out of the way before the picture is taken. It’s all part of the disguise! That’s about all there is to this camera. Small, easy to toss in the camera bag, and takes some fairly decent pictures. They make a bunch of different style drink labels to choose from. I bought mine from the good people at the Four Corners Store.    


Carol Mikkelson said...

Thanks for the specs on this camera. Now I have a general idea of f/stop and shutter speed. I found one at an antique store last year. Mine in a chocolate milk box.

C Gary Moyer said...

No problem Carol!