Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Flipped Lens Brownie Hawkeye

"Flipped Lens Brownie Hawkeye"
A few test shots with my newly modified Hawkeye camera. Added some Zebra color and flipped the lens to get the blurred effect. Here is a link on how to flip your own lens- http://blog.expiredfilm.com/2010/03/10/how-to-flip-a-brownie-hawkeye-flash-lens/ If you would like to buy your own customized Brownie, Randy from Holga Mods does some very sweet mods- http://www.hawkeyemods.com/


D. Matthew Dair said...

Great shots and Great technique. I have a couple of old Brownies laying around. Will have to try it out.

Susan Stayer said...

I'm really loving these, Gary. Jesus looking out of the window is fantastic!

And that zebra detailing on your Brownie is really fun.