Friday, July 15, 2011

Mickey Mouse Camera

"Mickey Mouse camera"
This was something special. My mother had held on to this camera from when I was a kid. I found some 126 film and had to bring him back to life. I shot these at a 4th of July parade in Maywood, NJ. You would not believe how many people commented on this camera. For the processing  I was lucky enough to come across the good people at  They know film and do it right! They were able to develop my 126 film, and provide great prints and digital files (CD). Uncropped as requested to boot. My negs were sleeved nicely and I also got an "I Love Film" bumper sticker. I highly recommend them for your film processing needs. Follow them on Twitter @OldSchoolLab and Facebook OldSchoolPhotoLab. Tell Steve Gary sent ya :)


HolgART said...

Thankls for the tip Gary!

photosmithdude said...

was a pleasure, gary...i thought the camera was quite appropriate gear for the parade. you had some nice shots. fun to do them for you.. find another roll of 126 and keep mickey clicking!