Saturday, April 03, 2010

Vrede Box Camera

"Vrede Box Camera Test"
Took the Vrede box camera out to test today. Nice German box camera, in pretty decent shape.


Paul (in Toronto) said...

Very cool! I recently purchased an Evans Box (same manufacturer) for $2.50 Cdn! Very nice aged looking photos! Did you use the yellow filter?

Mauricio said...

HI, ... I just bought the exact same camera for 20 bucks! I am thrilled! however, I am not sure about some stuff about it. Do you use any 120 film? how do you load the film? (I think something is missing because I have one spool on th ebottom with a slid to put the tip of the film, and nothing on top, where the winding key fits in). Would you help me please? would you know if there's a manual available on the internet?

Thanks a million, and congrats on your wonderful pictures!!

p.s. you can reply to me to my email address: